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by Lois Lowry

I thought that this was one of the best books that I've ever read! I liked how Jonas was one of the only people in the community that could see colors or have feeling. I liked how Jonas sacrificed his life for Gabriel after he found out what happened to someone when they were relesed.

by Cynthia Lord

I liked how Catherine's little brother, David didn't know much about the rules of life but understood what people are feeling.

Signed By Zelda
by kate feiffer

I thought it was a wonderful book with many twists and turns and i loved how Lucy was interested in a way a person wrote.

Lord Of The Rings 50th Anniversary Edition
by J.r.r Tolkien

Read it 3 times over the summer and have counter them all in this, though, i'm going to need to do it over a while

by Darren Shan

It got me mad and sad how B lives this wear life he has to deal with his dad and how he will be able to fight for his life and the people that are with him. This is the book for survival

by Gary Paulsen

This was a good book It's sad how Brian got into a plane crash and how he is suppose to survive in the wilderness. He gets hurt by a moose and is put thru a tornado. And finally at the end of he's journey he get rescued and taken home

The Walking Dead Book 2
by Robert Kirkman

Liked it

The Exile
by Diana Gabaldon,Hoang Nguyen

It was a wonderful book how there was a disagreement between two people and how Jamie found true love with a mysterious woman.

by Gary Paulsen

Love it

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